Thursday, October 6, 2011

September Brewed! Coffees Consumed

Coffee Beans
 Tests, homework, tests, homework, family, tests, homework, work, tests.  This is how I pretty much feel September went, along with daily coffee consumption of course, and finding time to play a few games as well.

So, with October already brewing, let's take a look at the coffees I consumed during September!

Coffees Consumed in September
Maxwell House French Roast - Started in August, finished in September.  These 270 cup coffee containers seem to last us about a month now, as I have tried to cut back consumption from three pots a day, to just two; though that doesn't always happen!  We enjoyed it while it lasted.
Trader Joe's Joe's Dark Coffee Roast - Courtesy of my friend Charlie. There's still about half of the container left, so it should last us at least through October.
Seattle's Best Coffee Organic House Blend - This one survived a few months, partially because of the wide selection of coffees we have had in the house, but also because it would get "lost" in the back of the selections!  Well, I rediscovered it at the beginning of September and finished it off.
Maxwell House Master Blend - Another big 270 cup coffee container that was purchased after the Maxwell House French Roast container was emptied.  We have about half of it left, so we'll probably finish it mid-October and replace it with something else, but we are both enjoying it.  I usually brew with this in the mornings before I leave for work, usually an additional pot at night.
New England Coffee Colombian Supremo Blend - Like the Seattle's Best Coffee, this blend has survived many months and is only an 11oz. bag.  As with the Seattle's Best Coffee blend, this one gets buried in the back of the cabinet, which then requires shuffling/moving items around to find it again.  There's still about two pots left in the bag, and it's probably best for me to try and finish this one off, so I'll leave it out by the coffee pot tonight!
Greek Coffee - For about the last 3 years, my wife and I have made it to a local Greek Festival that serves all kinds of Greek food and has Greek music/bands.  One item that is served is Greek coffee.  If you have never had Greek coffee, and are not familiar with it, the easiest way I can describe it is very thick, and syrupy; but not necessarily sweet syrupy.  They basically boil coffee grounds in water, so there is a very thick consistency in the bottom of the cup when you finish drinking the liquid portion.  So, I had one cup of Greek coffee while I was at the festival, but it is probably still in my system because of how strong it was!
Chick-Fil-A Coffee - With my crazy work/family schedule starting the last week, I have been making it more of a routine now to leave the store with a cup of coffee I can start drinking on the way home, and not have to worry with brewing a pot right away upon entering the house.  I had probably three cups when leaving work last week, not to mention a few cups at work during the month of September.

Filtered Thoughts
In total, I consumed seven different coffees in September, and I did have a chance to watch most of the Republican presidential debates after they had happened.  I think September was particularly interesting in the Republican field, because Rick Perry saw a quick rise and a surprisingly even faster fall in the polls.  After just one shaky debate performance, then placing second in the Florida Straw Poll to Herman Cain, Rick Perry has plummeted in almost all of the recent polls.

I think it will be very interesting to see how this race shapes up, as the Republican "Top Tier" seems to be changing on a weekly/monthly basis with the media, and all on very superficial things, and not seemingly important things like records to run on or addressing the 5,000lb gorilla in the room(that would be our $14 trillion national debt) in a common sense way.

What coffees did you consume and did you watch any of the Republican debates in September?

Also, have any of you tried Greek coffee before?  If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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