Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October Brewed! Coffees Consumed, Videos Produced

Coffee Beans
I turned a year older early in October. I have been working more hours each week than I would like, especially with school and full-time family duties each day, but I am grateful for a job; especially one where I can grab a cup of coffee each day on my way home.

I worked on a few political videos early in October, and posted those to my YouTube account, as well as one here on the site.

Now with November brewing, what coffees and caffeinated products did I consume in October, and what videos did I put together?  Let's take a look!

Coffee and Caffeinated Products Consumed in October
Trader Joe's Joe's Dark Coffee Roast - I still have some left, so I'll probably be enjoying more of it in the coming days.
Maxwell House Master Blend - We finished this about halfway into October, and enjoyed it while it lasted.
New England Coffee Colombian Supremo Blend - Another one we finished off in October, but it had been hiding around our closest for several months, behind other coffees before I discovered it late in September.
Chick-Fil-A Coffee - Chick-Fil-A only has one blend of caffeinated coffee, and I have gotten into the habit of getting myself a cup as I'm clocking out, and bringing it home with me.  When I do this, I don't have to worry with rushing home to and starting a pot of coffee when I walk in, as I can just drink the cup I have brought with me.
Folgers Black Silk - There is still just a little left of this from last month.  I enjoy it, and think it has a nice strong flavor, but my wife does not like it because of its strong flavor.
Chock full o' Nutes Original Blend - This was another birthday gift, and suprisingly I opened it after I opened the Folgers Black Silk blend, but we finished this blend first.  What was the reason we finished this one first?  Well, my wife actually liked this blend, and it was the one I started brewing for her before she left for work.  So, I'm glad to have tried a new blend, and we enjoyed it while it lasted and I would say it was more of a mild flavored blend.
Ed Hardy Energy Snacks - I consumed Chocolate Rocks, Coffee Rocks, King Dog Energy Mints, Orange Energy Sticks, and Pomegranate Energy Sticks; all of which are caffeinated and helped keep me going, and totally replaced my coffee consumption one entire weekend.

Political Videos

Filtered Thoughts
I consumed six liquid coffee blends, one "coffee" candy being the Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks, and another four caffeinated Ed Hardy Energy Snacks.

I was able to watch the Republican presidential debate early in October, and I put together four political videos.

What coffees and caffeinated products did you consume during October? Also, did any of you get to watch the Republican presidential debates in October?

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