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Why I Can't Support and Won't Vote for Mitt Romney

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     I had not heard of Mitt Romney before the presidential race of 2007-2008.  I thought it was interesting that Mitt Romney was a Mormon, because I had been talking with Mormon missionaries for a few months when I learned about him.
     I want to say from the start, the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon is NOT a reason I will not vote for him.  So, what is the main reason I will not support or vote for Mitt Romney for President in 2012?  Let's take a look!

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     When looking at the presidential candidates we only have a few things to judge them on, and I think the most important thing we can judge them on is their history and record over their careers.  Some candidates perform better in debates than others, and have their talking points down.  I feel many of those very same candidates with talking points though, do not have consistent records to run on.

     Mitt Romney is without a doubt a very successful businessman, and should be given credit for helping turn some companies around during his business career.
     Mitt Romney as a politician though, has changed political positions, A LOT.  I remember seeing a photo from 2007 of protestors dressed as flip-flops protesting against Governor Romney for his pro-choice/pro-life stances.  I thought the costumes were funny, but I was not familiar with the reasons for the protest until I researched it.

     When he was running for Governor of Massachusettes, he was clearly pro-choice and stated multiple times he was in support of a "woman's right to choose", but he has since claimed he is now very "pro-life".
     A new web ad released by Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, shows just how quickly Governor Romney can flip-flop on issues:

     Now, I do think it's okay for a candidate to change political positions, but when a candidate has a history of changing stances on multiple issues, sometimes within days/months of saying something, that appears to be political flip-flopping, and this is how Governor Romney appears to me.  It seems he changes his positions depending on the audience he is speaking to, and which way the public opinion winds are blowing at the time.
     If Governor Romney had a more consistent record to run on, I would give him a second look.  I cannot support Mitt Romney and will not vote for him if he gets the Republican nomination for President because he has no clear history or good record to run on; unless you count flip-flopping as a good record?

     The main reason I cannot support and will not vote for Governor Romney comes down to the fact he has no solid record to run on.  Again it is not because of his religion, as that has NOTHING to do with my decision to not support and vote for him.  For me, it is about the candidate having a solid record to run on.  Honestly, I see many of Governor Romney's changes as flip-flops for political gain, and not because they are how he really feels about the issues.

     Do you agree that a candidate for President needs to have a solid record to run on, and not rhetoric?  If you think I am missing something about Governor Romney and you are supporting him, let me know in the comments below what you think I am missing about him, and why I should perhaps give him another look.

You can see some books about Mitt Romney linked on below:

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