Thursday, December 29, 2011

Michele Bachmann Drops Out of Race? Probably Coming Soon...

Photo by Gage Skidmore, more HERE
For most presidential candidates, when their campaign starts taking on water, the first sign their presidential run may be nearing its end is when staffers start jumping ship.
While this is definitely not the case in all situations, Newt Gingrich for example did a big comeback after a staff exodus, Michele Bachmann's campaign has apparently been taking on water, and staff now appear to be jumping ship.

As has been widely reported, Michele Bachmann's Iowa campaign chairman left his position with her campaign Wednesday night, and jumped on Ron Paul's political cruise ship. Apparently from the latest polls in Iowa, Congressman Ron Paul is in a tight race for first place in Iowa against former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Will Michele Bachmann drop out of the 2012 presidential race if she does not place first in Iowa next week? I guess we will find out in 5 more days.
I personally believe that she will drop out if she does not win first, but in 2008 most Republican candidates stayed in the race at least through the middle of January.

Below are links to two books about Michele Bachmann, both released this year:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Newt Gingrich 3rd Party Run?

Newt Gingrich was asked by CNN's Wolf Blitzer in an interview that aired today, if he would rule out a third party presidential run. Newt Gingrich never provided an answer, and when Wolf pressed him on it, he avoided the question again.

Will Newt run as a third party, and with him not ruling out a third party run, does this spell the end of the Republican Party?