Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet Our Coffee Machine and Pot - Krups

Coffee Beans
I have moved a lot over the last several years, and we have toted along one coffee machine/pot with us during each move, and it survived all the moves in pretty great condition.

I believe I received the coffee machine/pot as a Christmas gift either in 2000, or 2001, but I am not 100% positive because I can't find exact dates for when the series of coffee machines was released.

About 3 years ago after we moved into our house, my wife thought that our coffee pot we had been using took up too much counter space, so she went to the store and purchased us a new one.  You can see the "space saver" coffee machine below:

My initial reaction was probably something along the lines of, "Why do we need another coffee pot, when the one we have works just fine?", but I knew in her mind that more counter space = win, so I let it be.

Well, the "new" Hamilton Beach coffee pot that she purchased for us lasted right around a year, and then guess what, it BROKE!  Horror or horrors for a daily coffee drinker like myself, but luckily for us, I had stowed away our old coffee machine in a cabinet probably with the mindset of "Just in case something happens to this new one, we'll still have this one."

So, what does our coffee machine look like that we use basically on a daily basis?  Have a look below!