Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is Following the Constitution Dangerous? Or, Devastating?

I posted a video link on my Facebook page last week that showed how Fox News' Sean Hannity used a different clip, to show a larger crowd at an event, than what was really there. Sean Hannity got caught and called out by Jon Stewart of Comedy Central on using the wrong clip. I called it propaganda.
Hannity apologized on his show after Jon Stewart called him out on it, and said it was an "inadvertent mistake". I said that if anybody has done video work, they would know the files are usually stored by month/date/year being obvious, so they can go back and find the clips if needed, and that there was no way for it to simply be a "mistake". I believe Mr. Hannity openly lied on his program about the video, especially given the number of "mistakes" Fox News makes like that.
I am not a fan of the "mainstream media" in any sense, and feel that they do a great job dumbing down the general population, by keeping them distracted with non-issues.
It was on that post, that another Facebook friend commented trying to defend Hannity, and we ended up in a political discussion on who I am supporting for President.
I told him I am supporting Ron Paul, and after answering multiple questions from him on different topics, he resulted with the propaganda spilled by the media, that Ron Paul would be "devastating" to the nation.

I'm just trying to figure this out. How is following the Constitution of the United States, dangerous as some like to hint, and how would Ron Paul be devastating to the country for wanting to follow the rule of law?
Saying Ron Paul would be devastating to the United States as President for wanting to follow the Constitution, is like saying a Christian is dangerous/devastating to the church for following the 10 Commandments.

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