Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did President Obama's ad team forget about Solyndra? Have the American people?

President Obama's presidential campaign released a new ad yesterday (seen here), and in it he not only plays the defense card against "big oil" companies, claiming they do not like him because he is trying to increase their taxes, but also claims President Obama has done things like raise the mileage standards in vehicles, AND doubling renewable energy.
The video fails to address the more important point though. AT WHAT COST?

President Obama's administration touted Solyndra just 2 years ago as a great example of a renewable energy company, and the company was able to obtain a half a billion ($500,000,000) dollar secured loan from the federal government, but then the company went bankrupt. Who was left with the bill?
The claim in the ad that President Obama has made new higher mileage standards for automobile companies fails to address the bigger issues of rising gasoline costs, and the costs put to the consumers for the mandates from the federal government on the automobile industry to reach those standards.

News broke just today that another solar energy company, Solar Trust of America, received just over $2 billion in loan guarantees, but has now filed for bankruptcy.

President Obama's ad that was released yesterday wanted to make sure that "big oil" and Mitt Romney were associated together, and definitely not seen in a good light. I think President Obama's ad fails to paint the whole picture, and the billions/trillions of dollars his administration has wasted these several years, on bad investments like Solyndra and Solar Trust of America.

Below is an updated version of President Obama's "Remember" ad, with information that his campaign apparently hopes we do not remember this election.

Change, or more of the same?

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