Friday, April 13, 2012

President Obama working hard, or hardly working?

President Obama campaigned in 2008 with a few simple words and slogans. Those mainly being, "Change", "Hope" and "Yes we can". Many Americans bought the simple message that President Obama was running on, and on election night in 2008 then Senator Obama said, "Change has come to America.", during his victory speech.
Many people were really hoping and believing the message of "Change" he was running on, but it now appears that if more voters had looked at President Obama's record on issues before the election, and looked at his carefully crafted answers to questions, he did not have a consistent record to run on.
The only "Change" I can see that President Obama has brought to Washington D.C. is that instead of there being another big government Republican in the White House, there is now another big government Democrat in the White House.
President Obama has golfed more as President, than any other President before him. The First Family has vacationed and taken many trips around the world, many that seem unnecessary and lacking the understanding that many American families are struggling.
Has President Obama really been working hard as he recently said, or has he been hardly working? I expect the President, doesn't matter Republican or Democrat, to not take any vacations until the budget is balanced and the financial house is in order for the country. Perhaps my expectations are too high though?

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